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LabChirp is a powerful and versatile sound effect generator, useful for games, music, videos - anything you like!
A manual and some example sounds are included to get you started.

Works on Windows (requires .NET Framework 2.0) and other platforms (Linux, Mac) through Mono.

Main features:

  • Multiple channels: Up to eight individual channels. All or any element of a channel can be copied to another.
  • Modulation: For vibrato and tremolo (pulsating variation in pitch and volume).
  • Envelopes: To shape everything the way you want it.
  • Waveforms: Make your own custom waveforms, or use any of the standard ones (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, noise).
  • Effects: Add cool post-effects to your sound.
  • Customizable randomizer: For the lazy sound designer.
  • Customizable mutator: To randomize your sound slightly.
  • Batch save: If you are in a hurry and need a lot of sounds fast.

Here is a demo in mp3 format showing all of the example sounds and some randomly generated sounds using different presets.

Updated 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 24, 2011
Tags16-bit, 8-Bit, audio, effect, Generator, randomizer, sfx, sound, synth, wave
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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LabChirp v1.60

Development log


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This tool is seriously awesome. I think its presets are better than sfxr. I am gonna use it in my games!


Why is this marked as Linux and Mac compatible? It only comes with an .exe file...

Because you can run it through Mono, and it works.

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Alright, I checked and it does! Sweet! Although some note mentioning that would be helpful 🙂


I also updated Wine in my system from 4.0 to 5.0 and it works with Wine as well.


It is mentioned when you download it (under the "Download and install instructions from Labbed" section) and also on my website download page (http://labbed.net/software/labchirp/). However, it should probably be mentioned on the itch.io page as well! And perhaps in the manual.

I did not know it works with Wine! I've tried it before (several years ago) and it didn't work, which is why I tell people to use Mono. I will give it another try with the newest version and see how it works. Thanks for letting me know!

Good luck with your future game projects! And have a nice day!


It just occured to me that you could also make a 'start.sh' sort of bash script that would simply execute 'mono LabChirp.exe'.

Then mark it as Linux executable in the manifest so the itch client app can start it for the user, as long as Mono is installed.




This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

We just used this to create all the sounds for our Viroids game.


Many thanks, it's a great tool.


Awesome to see it here on itch!

Too bad it's still hacky for Linux/OSX users to use it.


Yeah I can't use it on the itch app on linux T-T


Great piece of software, thank you for sharing it!