LabChirp 1.60!

A new version of LabChirp is now available! Here's the changelog:

  • Improved mutator! Batch save has been added to Mutator, and the option to randomly change waveform.
  • Higher precision! A second decimal place has been added to frequency and volume/amplitude of all waves.
  • Higher frequencies! All waves' frequencies can now go up to 9999.99 Hz.
  • Better Mac compatibility! Mac users should now be able to hear the sound when pressing play.
  • Better visuals for envelopes! Envelopes are now filled (with configurable opacity).
  • Bug fixes!
    • Changing sample rate while sound is playing caused the playback indicator to appear at an incorrect position.
    • Trying to save a Randomizer preset caused another preset to load for some people, making it impossible to save.

Have fun!


LabChirp v1.60
Dec 15, 2019

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A second decimal place at last!